Crossing the Tees 2018 Short Story Competition

The Crossing the Tees 2018 Short Story Competition is now closed.
Shortlisted entries and competition winners will be announced later in the year and details of the anthology will be announced in due course.

Short Story Competition 2017 Shortlist

Congratulations to the shortlisted Short Story Competition entrants. We were thrilled to receive over 80 short stories and have had a tough time deciding which should go through to the shortlist. The prize winners will be announced at a celebratory event in April, more details to follow. Thanks to everyone who took part and well done to those who made the shortlist:

Michael Parker Slagheap
Ian Todd Our Bridge
Sue Baxter The Page with Nothing On It
Sue Campbell The Shopkeeper
Sue Miller Minding The Gap
Yvonne D Jones Alice and George
Tricia Lowther What Remains of Roger
Paul O’Neill Jimmy Jesus
Paul R Jasper Stung
Peter Martin Child in the Water
Rachel Camsell Restoration River
SA Boon Making Waves
Ethel Stirman Beyond the Bridge
Colin O’Cahan A Crossing
Geoffrey Marsh The Triumph Herald
Jacqueline Saville Ghost Bridge
Jane Bradley Maggie
Janet Philo Blue Bridge Crossing
Julie Baggott La Question Francaise
Kelly Rose Ice Cream Tees
Marianne Amy Sometimes the Gods Collude with us
Michael Atkinson A bridge between strangers
Chitra Kumari Crossing the Tees
David A Murray To King and Country
David Willock The Skirmish at Yarm
Arthur Duncan The Bridge
Emily Willis Pointed and precious
David Smith Graphite
Alan Pilkington Water under the bridge
Alan Theakston Water under the bridge
Ann Cuthbert Of Gods and Goats