10 - 18 June 2023
Cost: £8

Eddie and the Goldtops

A hilarious comedy set against the backdrop and dynamic music of the ‘Swinging 60’s’.

Our Eddie is a hard-working milkman, inspired by the cream of the pop charts and tired of the milk float of ordinary life. He inherited the family milk round from his father and has fulfilled his deathbed promise to never miss a delivery for the good people of the village.

But suddenly, his songs are heading up the charts, and if he can get there by tonight, he’ll be on the brand-new Top of the Pops. So he’s heading for the high life with the fabulous Gold Tops behind him all the way! But when things take a churn for the worse, will he get back for the morning milk?

Monday 12 June | 7.30pm | Community Hub South, Hartlepool

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10 - 18 June 2023