Time is ticking…

Hello Everyone,

Now with time running very short indeed and the countdown to the final deadline for entries into dates rather than weeks/months you are probably wondering where all that time went and how you’ve managed to leave things so late.  Well, some of you are while those organised souls sit back and relax, entry submitted and nothing but the nerver-jangling wait for judgement to be upon them.

But don’t despair.  There is still time to polish your pieces and get them into the comp.  To help you with this here are some tips on two aspects of story writing that people often find a challenge – dialogue and descriptions:

Dialogue dos and don’ts

Doing Descriptions – what to describe

And how to describe it

So look back over your stories and see if there are any areas that would benefit from a little reworking.

For those organised souls I mentioned earlier who might, entries sorted, be turning their thoughts to pursuing new writing goals (and for the rest of you once you’ve made those last minute tweaks to your stories) I do offer a mentoring and appraisal service.  So if you would like some input on your writing, feedback on work in progress, help with getting something to a publishable standard or just some personal guidance tailored to whatever stage you are at with your writing just contact me traceyiceton@hotmail.co.uk and we can talk over ways forward.

Now back to the keyboard and get those stories finished!


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9 - 19 June 2021