Narrative perspectives and National Novel Writing Month!

Hello Everyone,

Well, we are now into the final big push in the last few weeks before your competition entries need to be in (30TH SEPTEMBER!!!).  But there is still time to get that award winning story polished and perfected.

This week as you move towards a final assault on your writing, I thought it would be helpful to share with you all some tips on narrative perspective.

First all some appoaches to narrative perspective or point of vie (PoV) as it is sometimes called:

Possible Perspectives

Now all you have to do is work out which is best for your story.  Things to consider are:

So if you have several events happening at the same time and involving different characters you will probably be best off with either several narrators or an ‘all seeing’ third person perspective.  If your story is all told through the PoV of one character then first person or third person focalised would work well.

Remember whatever you decided to do with the PoV to consider the following:

Although we still have a few more posts to go before I disappear from the blog-sphere I am also going to spend these last few blogs letting you know about opportunities to keep developing your writing beyond Crossing the Tees.

This week I want to let you know about National Novel Writing Month.  This is a great chance for those of you with a novel in you to get in down.  The challenge is to write it in a month.  More information can be found here:
We are particularly lucky in the Tees Valley as there is also a well established support group for people taking part in NNWM so check out their Facebook page at: and get that novel out!

Good luck with your final redraft.  More next time,


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9 - 19 June 2021