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Hello Everyone,

Well, as many of you will know, we are now deeply into exam season, with many students sitting for their GCSE or A level qualifications. And it isn’t just the students who are busy this time of year. For the last four years I have been an exam marker for AQA’s Creative Writing A level.  Sadly the course has been scrapped as part of the Conversative Party’s education reforms and this is the last year students can take this subject.  But during its short life this unique qualification has given many sixth formers the chance to develop their creative writing skills and work towards producibg professional, publishable work.

As a marker for the exam module ‘Writing on Demand’ I have been fortunate to read the work of many talented young writers and have often marvelled at their ability to produce high quality writing in exam conditions.  The exam requires writers to produce two texts, each approximately 300 words in length, in response to a specific brief and all in two hours.  Students’ writing is then assessed on how confidently they have developed ideas, met the brief, used language imaginatively, crafted their work and maintained high standards of technical accuracy.  It’s quite a challenge and one I thought some of you might want to try yourselves so this post’s writing prompt is an ‘exam style’ one.  Remember you only have an hour to plan and write a skilful, highly developed piece!

Your time starts now!

“A national newspaper runs a weekly column for which people write about someone who has been an inspiration to them.  This might be a real living person, an historical figure, or even a fictional/literary figure.  You have been asked to contribute to the column.  Write a 300 word piece that discusses someone who has inspired you.”

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