A few words from Kate Fox…

Ahead of An Evening with Kate Fox on Monday 19 June, we caught up with the lady herself about what to expect!

Hello Kate, we are delighted to be welcoming you back! What can people expect at An Evening with Kate Fox? What will you be talking about?

I’ll be doing some of my favourite poems about everything from small girlfriends to why Northerners are tough and talking about some of the things in my new Radio 4 comedy series which will have started that day. One show is about me not wanting a perfect body, the other is about me not wanting to be middle class!

Who or what inspired you to start writing poetry and did you start at an early age?

I always liked making up daft rhymes to liven up long car journeys or entertain classmates but certainly didn’t think I could make a living at it, or start taking it seriously until I started performing with lots of Newcastle poets in the mid 2000s.

Is there a part of Yorkshire or the North that inspires you the most in terms of ideas and creativity?

That’s a hard one. From Newcastle down to Stockton was where I first started gigging and meeting other poets. But my home city of Bradford inspires me because it has so many untold stories. And I’m doing a lot of work in Hull this year for the city of culture & they’re similarly full of untold stories.

You’ve mentored writers and performers in the past – what advice would you give to anybody who is wanting to pursue a career in stand up poetry?

Be frugal, your earnings will be irregular! Gig as often as you can, the thing you need most is stage time. Be prepared to work as hard on developing your writing as your performance-attend workshops. Get in the loops for competitions and opportunities. Travel beyond where you live-work comes from all over.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the festival this year, are there any particular quirks you notice about us North Easterners compared to other parts of the North?

To be absolutely honest I think Northerners have more similarities than differences but they tend to think their quirks are their own. I love the North and hope we can all be more united to end the rubbish we have to put up with from the South!

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9 - 19 June 2021